Thursday, September 9, 2010

ib physics assessment guidelines

after getting a feel of the classes and priorities, these are the guidelines for grading your performance in 2010/11:

homework - 15%
the weekly logs will be reviewed by the teacher. ponctuality and a good analysis guarentee you 7 marks if an email with the updated log (you should always use the same one) is received by every friday up to 6 pm. after that, you still receive 4 marks on monday, 3 on tuesday and 2 on wednesday. remember: i will only accept emails and excel files, nothing written in ms word or by hand will do.

quizzes & tests & final exam - 55 %
all written assessments, individual or in small groups, will count towards your grade in this area. the final exam, though, will be divided into subtopics, which will have an impact on the smaller assessments grades. if you do better in a specific topic in a major test or the final exam, then your test or quiz grade on that topic will be replaced. if you do worse, the grade from that prior assessment will o down by one mark. the weighting of each assessment is proportional to the number of marks, which is linked to the time taken to do it. the final exam counts double.

internal assessment, labs, presentations, projects - 30 %
this is often time intensive, and expectations will be made clear in rubrics, where the assessment criteria will be made clear. in the internal assessment and labs, those rubrics can be found on he ib physics syllabus link on this blog.
this is all subject to change, since i want to be flexible: the final goal will always be student learning, and the assessment rules are designed to help in that process.

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