Monday, September 6, 2010

your week in maths & physics - sep 6-10

here we go, week three already! and at the end of it, bayern v werder awaits...

grade 10 igcse math
we will have a quick look at the hw quiz from friday, and move on to some exercises in D1. at the end of the class, our little trig quiz. tomorrow you will get that quiz back, with specific teacher feedback. we will move on to true bearings, and on wednesday, we'll start the 3d questions. expect a test on wednesday, sep 15, on the whole chapter. please remember that i will give a once in a lifetime opportunity of students retaking their hw quizzes from sep 3 on wednesday, at 3 pm, room 403.
hw monday: have a look at last week's homework and prepare for the sep 8 retake hw quiz (optional)
hw wednesday: 15E
hw friday: 15F1
hw quiz friday: only 15E

ib physics grade 11
monday, after reviewing the exercises in the book, we will have a long quiz (or mini-test).
we will have our projectile motion lab on thursday, please remember to bring the needed material.
on friday, we will move on to newton's second law.
don't forget your second homework log, by friday.

ib math sl grade 11
after the monday test, we will be working on some non-right triangle trigonometry. the sine law, the cosine law and calculating areas of triangles will be our goal.
homework for the week will be 9A & 9B; don't forget the hw quiz on friday. on that same day (sep 10), we will have a short quiz (20 minutes). the hw quiz will open the class, the quiz will close it.

ib physics grade 12
shame on you! no one sent me the research log on friday... . well, please don't forget it for next friday!
tuesday's class will have max's presentation of isaac newton. in nuclear physics, we will move on to remembering the radiation types (alpha, beta and gamma decay) and see what effects they have on the nucleus and on the surroundings. terms like half-life and exponential decay should be learnt and dealt with during the week. nuclear reactions will be  topic in the near future.
for tomorrow, we will have a short time in the computer lab; promita, aidin and bilal will present about each decay type, after a short period of research.
additional to the homework i will give you an opportunity to a re-write your essays on atomic physics, since they could be much better. this is optional and additional to your research time, and i expect them by thursday.

ib math sl grade 12
review monday, test tuesday, lines in 2d and 3d on thursday. the homework for the hw quiz will be 13 A1, A2 and A3. the hw quiz will be on monday, sep 13, since friday should be the day where you clear some of your doubts. the test on this chapter should be on thursday, sep 23. there should be a quiz before that.

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