Monday, September 20, 2010

your week in maths & physics, sep 20-24

an "english week" in the bundesliga is a week full of assessments for my students... please take note!

ib math sl grade 12
all ready for our test on thursday? i believe so. still, a few of you should try to show up today after school, or even on wednesday after school, to look at some specifics before the test. today (monday) we will look at classification of line to line relations in a more specific way, and tomorrow we will do a lot of work in the review sets. we will start statistics on friday.
i will set no homework for this week (or next week), but i will give you an internal assessment on thursday, to be completed by monday, october 4. friday, we will start the statistics chapter, which should be an okay chapter for us. probability will be a little tougher, and then comes calculus!

ib physics grade 12
tomorrow, tuesday sep 21, we have a full day: aidin will tell us some things about nils bohr (which should give us a little bit of extra review for atomic physics), we will have our test, and then move on with astrophysics. we should do an internal assessment next tuesday, so i will promt that on wednesday. in astro, we will have a look at our solar system, and beyond. we should get into the subject of light in stars.

ib math sl grade 11
the sine rule and its applications will be seen through some exercises in class today, monday. tomorrow, we will start (and hopefully finish) the problem solving with non-right trigonometry, and thursday will be dedicated towards the review sets, which are the homework you should be doing during the week (pages 232-234). friday, we have our grand trigonometry test.

ib physics grade 11
our quiz on thursday will be preceded by today's class, where we will look at conservation of momentum for collisions and explosions. thursday, after the quiz, our lab (finally!), and friday, we'll go into work, energy and power in newton's world of mechanics.

igcse math grade 10
homework quiz, review, test. that's the menu today; details on retest opportunities will be discussed as the week progresses. we will then start a short chapter on continious data, which e will hopefully conclude next week already. 17A and 17B is your homework, the hw quiz will be on monday, september 27.

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