Monday, October 24, 2011

your week in maths & physics, oct 24-28

here is the content and homework for the week!

igcse maths 10
you will be tested on thursday on algebraic expressions, simultaneous equations and all the basic review topics we've seen in recent quizzes. we will prepare for that. the test will count towards the 2nd term, though. you should use your homework time to review all the quizzes we've done in september and october.

ib maths sl 11
we'll finish up sequences and series, and your homework will be on pages 90-92 (the review sets). test is on friday, we might even start with exponentials before that.
ib maths sl 12
differential calculus is our topic this week. we'll do fundamental theorm and simple rule today, and hopefully the chain rule, product rule and quotient rules during the week. please accompany these by doing exercises on 481-494. expect a test on thursday, november 3.
ib physics 11
big test coming up tomorrow, on topic 2 (mechanics) envolving kinematics (with graphs), newton's laws, forces and dynamics, and work & energy. we will look at uniform circular motion on wednesday and introduce thermal physics on friday.
ib physics 12
further prep for our astrophysics test on wednesday. friday, another review session, with electric current problem solving.
have yourselves a merry little week!

show what you know - october 26 session!

this is the last session for the term. please be sure to put your name and the test you want to retake as a comment. good luck to you all!

Friday, October 14, 2011

grade 12 oscillation review video

check out lewin's lectures on forced oscillation, resonance and damping. this might give you a better insight and overview...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

grade 10 khan videos!

hello dearest grade 10. let's get to work on this review stuff.
i really recommend the first five videos of the sequence that starts with this one (all on solving equations). the one we started in class today about simultaneous equations is called system of equations.

a series about exponentials (exponent rules) can be found here and in the following videos after that - it is worth reviewing! he also has some workedexamples on fractions and exponents.

come see me in the mornings, thursday after school or mondays/tuesdays after 3h40 pm with extra doubts and/or hw quiz/quiz corrections.

extra sessions for grade 11 - igcse preparation

students planning to retake the igcse exams should show up at both of these meetings:

monday, october 10, 16h15 - 17h45
tuesday, october 11, 16h15 - 17h45

show what you know - october 12 session!

if you want to retake a test on wednesday, october 12, after school (15h or 15h40), please leave your name, class and the test you want to retake AS A COMMENT on this post until MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 11pm.
if you fail to show up after you signed up, you will receive an automatic "zero" for that test until you actually retake it.
good luck to all!