Friday, September 3, 2010

weekend reminders

starting with the kicktipp competition: don't forget to post your predictions before the games start this afternoon. Chantal, CASH, Lea, Chris, Bilal and mpohl haven't done that yet. and once again - who's CASH?

igcse grade 10: 
we will have a quiz at the end of class on monday, on all things trig.

ib physics 11: 
you will also be quizzed at the end of your class on monday, on chapter 2 up to page 37, but without projectile motion.

ib math sl 11: 
our test will be on monday, not this friday. it will be in the last 45 minutes of class, so there will be about half an hour to clear any last doubts.

ib physics 12: 
don't forget your first research logs, due this afternoon.

ib math sl 12: 
our test is on tuesday, please use the monday single period to clear any doubts, since we will start with the test on sep 7 and then move on to lines and planes in spaces.

have yourselves a merry little weekend.

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