Thursday, September 29, 2011

show what you know - october 5 session!

if you want to retake a test on wednesday, october 5, after school (15h or 15h40), please leave your name, class and the test you want to retake AS A COMMENT on this post until MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 11pm.
if you fail to show up after you signed up, you will receive an automatic "zero" for that test until you actually retake it.
good luck to all!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

your week in maths & physics, sep 27-30

long weekend in sight, and only 3 more weeks of school before the fall break!

igcse maths
we're doing some reviewing this week, and homework will be on pages 61 and 145. after that, an algebra review is on the program, inequalities and equations. hw quiz on friday. to remember some of the concepts, check out this link about solving inequalities and browse around in that list of videos.

ib maths grade 11
non-right angled trigonometry problem solving will feauture heavily this week. work on the review sets starting on page 232, do some exercises there every day. expect a test on the use of the laws of sine, cosine and area of triangles this friday. check out this different proof of the law of sines...

ib maths grade 12
do homework on pages 454-457, and do some review set questions on this chapter and the one before - there will be a big statistics test on thursday, october 6. hw quiz shall be on the pages cited above, review sets are for test preparation.  browse around in khan acedemy's list of probability classes...

ib physics grade 11
some work with data processing and excel today (tuesday), definition and concepts behind newton's second and thrid laws of motion, and some exercises with free body diagrams. khan has videos on the second law and the third law... 
ib physics grade 12
completing of the practical with lab report (DCP & CE) until wednesday; don't forget to carefully check the criteria/rubric given to you in class. stellar evolution is our topic on friday. check out the khan academy links from last week on that subject, as prepartion.

Monday, September 26, 2011

show what you know - september 28 session!

if you want to retake a test THIS WEDNESDAY, september 28, after school (15h or 15h40), please leave your name, class and the test you want to retake AS A COMMENT on this post until TUESDAY, SEMPTEMBER 27, 6pm.
If you fail to show up after you signed up, you will receive an automatic "zero" for that test until you actually retake it.
good luck to all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

khan academy links

for grade 12 math students, i have this: Intro to Probability
for grade 11, have a look at this: Law of Cosine, intro and proof
my ib physics grade 12 students, have a look at these: Big Bang (intro), C(osmic) B(ackground) R(adiation), Stellar Evolution: Birth of Stars, Stellar Evolution: Red Giants, Cepheids, Cepheids 2, Stellar Evolution: Massive Stars, or simply a list of all videos on Astrophysics & Cosmology.
for my grade 11 physics students, have a look at acceleration, and Newton's 1st law, and Newton's 2nd law of motion.

Monday, September 19, 2011

clear your doubts with mr g!

these are the times that i shall be available for questions. please do come visit me whenever necessary. these times include hw quiz corrections! always in room 218!!

mondays, tuesdays, thursdays & fridays: 7h15-7h55 in the morning
mondays & tuesdays: 15h40

WEDNESDAY WILL BE "SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW" DAY (RETESTS), starting at 15h and going until whenever needed.

thursdays:only from  15h to 15h40

have your pick and come see me!

your week in maths & physics, sep 19-23

only two weeks to go until the long weekend...

ib maths 12
time for some serious probability. still no homework, though (internal assessment is enough...)

ib maths 11
sine rule, cosine rule, area of triangles... this chapter is a little easier than the one you were tested on today (sep 19)... homework 220-224

igcse maths 10
we'll be looking at true bearings. homework will be page 331, hw quiz on friday!!
ib physics 12
astrophysics: magnitudes, cosmology, stellar evolution
ib physics 11
kinematics, uniform acceleration, momentum & impulse, newton's laws of motion

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

your week in maths & physics, sep 13-16

a day late, but here we go:

grade 12 physics
back to business, back to astrophysics.

grade 11 physics
kinematics and uniform acceleration is on the program. we'll be doing some running, amongst other things.

grade 12 maths
lots of exercises in statistics, with variance and standard deviation. next week, probability.

grade 11 maths
lots of exercises involving unit circle and length/area measurements, and the big moment: our test on chapter 8, friday.
grade 10 maths
focus on problem solving in rigonometry this week; if there is time, unit circle. there should be a test next week, date will be announced soon. no homework this week.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

khan academy links

i guess some of you already know the khan academy on the internet. i'm putting a general link on the left and i'll be adding some more specific ones for every week in khan academy posts, to give you some extra support at home.

igcse: trig intro

ib math 11: unit circle (also view the previous video)

ib math 12: measure of center (statistics)

have fun and explore!

your week in maths & physics, sep 6-9

we're back in action! find out what you will be doing and learning in this first week of school.

grade 10 igcse maths
trigonometry - ratios and problem solving. your homework for the week are all exerices in pages 315-321. on tuesday, september 13, there will be presentations of problems involving trig.
grade 11 ib maths sl
we're digging into the unit circle and all of its glory. homework will be on the whole chapter, until next friday, september 16, where our first test is planned.

grade 12 ib maths sl
review: center and spread of data, cumulative frequency graphs; pages 386-404 are homework, in other words, you should be able to do any exercise on those pages until friday.
grade 11 ib physics
introduction to the world of group 4 in ib, introduction to the world of physics, assessment and content plan; SI units, vectors & scalars, order of magnitude, prefixes. test on friday, september 9.
grade 12 ib physics
review topics 2, 3 & 4 involving different methods of presentation & assessment. review test topics 1-4 on monday, september 12.
have yourselves a merry little school year!