Monday, September 27, 2010

your week in maths & physics, sep 27 - oct 1

after an important bayern loss and an important werder win, it's champions league week again (in milano and basel). and it's more of math and physics...

igcse math grade 10
our quick look at how to calculate with and represent continuous data will have an end this week, with a mini-test on wednesday or friday. the homework for the week is chapter 17 review sets. this is really not very difficult - keep focused and perform well! those who want to do the retest on wednesday are warmly invited to leave your name in the post below.

ib math sl grade 11
much fun is guaranteed in our next content area, within the algebra spectrum: sequences and series! homework will be 2A,B,C and D1! it seems a lot, but you don't have to do everything; you do have to know how to do everything!

ib math sl grade 12
no homework this week, to give you time to work on the internal assessment. so it's basically work in class involving all things statistics. knowing this class a little, this part will not be complicated at all. your ti-calculators will be very important these next weeks.

ib physics grade 11
we start with an internal assessment part (conclusion/evaluation) for a grade, on monday (today), in class. then: work & energy, and efficiency. next week, on thursday, we should have our first big test, in mechanics.

ib physics grade 12
extra info on internal assessment, and a prompt for one. in astrophysics: cepheid variables, magnitudes & stellar evolution. then, it's cosmology time!


  1. From Stephanie P./Grade: 12/September 28, 2010

    Mr. Goncalves,
    It is concerning the Maths Portfolio Task Type II (IA). Should the data on the times of sunrises/sunsets over a specific city be absolutely accurate? I am examining the data on the times over a period of 52 weeks in one year. This would require me to calculate the average time of sunrises/sunsets for a week for 52 weeks! It would consume time and cause several manual errors. Is it not better to just take the times of sunrises/sunsets for every last week? Please let me know of any suggestions or improvements. It would be much obliged.
    Other than that, I hope you are having a pleasant evening.
    Kind regards,
    Stephanie P.

  2. Hi Stephanie, saw this only today.
    For the real data, once a week is a good compromise, for sure, ok?
    The average time of sunrise/sunset can be estimated using just the highest and lowest values...
    have a nice afternoon!

  3. From Stephanie P./Grade: 12/October 3, 2010

    Mr. Goncalves,
    Two questions concerning, again, the Maths Portfolio Task Type II (IA). Do you mind telling me how I can transfer the functions in Autograph onto a Word/Excel Document? And, how is it possible to shade in Autograph? Please let me know soon. It would be much appreciated.
    Other than that, I hope you are having a pleasant weekend.
    Kind regards,
    Stephanie P.