Thursday, March 31, 2011

retest for april 5-7

if you're from grade 11, you can retake quadratics, binomial expansion or matrices.
if you're from grade 12, integration might be on the menu.
name, grade, test nd day in which you want to take it - 18 hours before taking it. leave a comment!

Monday, March 21, 2011

your week in maths & physics, mar 21-25

4 weeks to go until the next break...

ib maths sl grade 11
vectors en masse. you should be able to do all exercises in 12A-D. indeed! a hw quiz at the end of the week is waiting...

ib maths sl grade 12
we'll dedicate this week to volumes of revolution (pretty fast) and the review sets. a test will follow on friday (a rather short one), and there will be derivation in it, as well.
ib physics grade 11
atomic and nuclear physics - today some stuff on atomic physics and the excel on nuclear physics. i hope to end the subject by friday, and we'll have a test on monday, march 28.
ib physics grade 12
focus on finishing the practical part, internal assessments. that will mark the whole tuesday session, and if necessary, the thursday session. wednesday is reserved for review.

igcse maths grade 10
we'll continue our work on different papers. extended students will receive a new paper 4 today, core students should finish their paper 3 today, and they'll soon receive new papers 1 & 5.

retest for march 22-24

18 hours before your desired test, it should be in here - with name, grade and test info.

Friday, March 11, 2011

retest for march 15-17

12th graders in integration, 11th graders in binomial expansion and/or quadratic equations.

sign up here, with name, test and date.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

your week in maths & physics, mar 7-11

a little late, but here it is:

ib maths sl grade 12
test postponed to thursday. a big review session today (tuesday); friday we're moving on to applications of integration. no hw quiz.

ib maths sl grade 11
focus on matrices exercises and 3 by 3 today, review set thursday, test next monday. no hw quiz.

igcse maths grade 10
core: paper 3 november 2010 - work on it!
extended: conclusion of papers 4 and 2, a new paper will be given on wednesday. friday class!

ib physics grade 12
practical today until around 3 pm, tomorrow (wednesday) presentation of topic 8 class in preperation for thursday's presentation for 3rd grade.

ib physics grade 11
exercises will be given on topic 6, to be solved in class and given to the teacher (thursday); then topic 7 will be continued.

Monday, March 7, 2011

retest for march 8-10

choose a day, a test, write your name and grade.
it has to be here 24 hours before, for me to prepare your test!