Monday, September 13, 2010

your week in maths & physics, sep 13-17

champions league season starting, tottenham and rome are coming! and some maths & physics...

igcse math 10
the homework for monday will be 15F1, and wednesday you should do 15F2 & 15F3. we will have a permanent change in policy: our homework quizzes will now be every monday, not friday. therefore, friday will be question session from wednesday homework, and monday, first thing, we will have our hw quiz; so the next one is on sep 20.
we will finish the chapter this week and do some work on the the review sets. our chapter 15 test will also be on monday, sep 20. not this wednesday, as announced earlier. please do your best inside of class, and at home to. walk the extra kilometer, if you have to. wednesday, 3pm, room 403, every week: you should be there if you haven't quite understood everything yet!

ib math sl 11
this week, we have a quiz tomorrow, sep 14 (area rule and cosine rule). it will take only 20 minutes and you will get specific feedback on it. we will start working the sine rule tomorrow, and continue on thursday (including the ambiguous case). homework for the week is 9C1 and 9C2. next monday, we will have problems presentations, which will be graded in the presentation/investigation/project category. i will need eight volunteers (to be determined tomorrow) to present one problem each, from exercise set 9D. our next test will be on friday, sep 24, right at the beginning of the class.

ib math sl 12
homework for the week will be the 13Bs - there are four sections. we should get through  them in class, this week, and hopefully get to classification of lines in 2D and 3D. our test on chapter 13 will be thursday, sep 23, as previously announced. mostly, what we are learning is more conceptual, the mathematical part is a review from previous years.

ib physics 11
on the menu on monday: newton's second law, momentum, impulse and some examples of how newton's law can be applied. exercises up to 31 should be done.
on thursday, your lab will be a success. we will quickly map out the design (BRING THE NEEDED MATERIALS) and we will collect and process the data together. if there is time, you will do the conclusion/evaluation bit by yourself, to be graded, in class. if not, that will be on friday's menu; or else, newton's third law is on the menu...
expect a quiz (or mini-test) on thursday, sep 23. don't forget your research log.

ib physics 12
tomorrow, we will start with bilal's presentation of good ol' ernest rutherford. after quickly refreshing our memories on how to calculate with half life, nuclear reactions are on our menu. fusion and fission, all should be finished by tomorrow, although we will stop classes at 3 pm for the poetry afternoon. thursday we will have a look at some pratice questions, and friday we shall move on to astrophysics. our test on atomic and nuclear physics will be on tuesday, sep 21
for the research log, i will give you an article to read. complete the 90 minutes with any other research piece.

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