Monday, September 20, 2010

hw quiz and retest policies - maths only

hello to all.
here are some minor changes to the homework quiz policy and some more specific information about the retest taking process. the better structured certain things are, the greater the chances that they might actually work.

homework quizzes
any student who would like to increase their grade in any homework quiz up to now and from now on can do so, outside of class time. no matter if you got a 6 or a 2 in your hw quiz, if you come and see me (mr goncalves) after school to look at the problem(s), and either learn it (them) with me or demonstrate that you now are able to solve it (or them), then your grade in that quiz will automatically rise to a seven, for full understanding. i will decide case by case what i need to see from each student to be convinced of his deserving that 7 for that specific homework quiz.
the times in which this can be done are:
monday, 3:05 pm: ib students have priority (igcse students have to wait their turn, ib grade 12 have priority over ib grade 11)
tuesday, 3:40 pm: any students (order by sequence of arrival)
wednesday, 3:05 pm: igcse students have priority
thursday, 3:40 pm: any students
you can also see me between 7:35 and 7:50 every morning, if that suits you better.
if you had less than a 5 in any hw quiz, you should make an effort to show up at one of these times. i will be here as long as students are, and i might leave five minutes after the beginning time if no student comes.
THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO BRING THE HW QUIZ YOU WANT TO REVIEW AND GET YOUR GRADE CHANGED. even if it is not yours, i need you to bring it (ideally, though, it should be yours).

retest opportunities
the different dates for retest opportunities will be set within the class, always for the following week. these days will be announced through a post, and ONLY STUDENTS WHO LEAVE A COMMENT in the post, with their names, will receive the retest. i will announce the retest days in the "your week in maths&physics" post. THOSE DAYS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR HW QUIZ REVIEWS, so please do pay attention to those details. they will also be announced in class.

any questions? ask in class or leave a comment and i'll answer you on the blog.

all of this is to give each and every one of you who really wants to improve their current mathematical level of knowledge to do so. you are totally free to come, or not to come, for that matter; but i will keep classes at the highest reasonable pace, so that we can all get through the needed content in preparation for the ib exams or the igcse exams. i count on your effort. you can count on mine.


  1. hey mr goncalves..
    im sick today, and i didnt take my math book
    home yesterday.. so i cant study the review sets.. :S
    may i maybe write the test on monday?

    could you pls answer to my email adress?


  2. I was not sure about where to sign up for the test retake for grade 10 maths (Monday 20th) Hope this counts as far as securing myself a place for that test.
    -Kendrick D.