Tuesday, October 26, 2010

daniel is the champion!

ok, this is old news. october 12, daniel hendrich became the first ever isb kicktipp champion. at the end, he managed to stay ahead if milan, with a slim margin of five points. dennis finished a good third, and aylin was the fourth best student to compete. torben was the winner of the last week and will therefore win a milka.
next season should start saturday, november 6. a few changes: the best three of every week will get chocolate, there will be info hanging out in two places around school with the newest results and standings - but one thing will remain the same: only the winner will get a trophy! hopefully, the inaugural trophy can be presented to daniel soon.
long live bayern!

Monday, October 25, 2010

your week in maths & physics, oct 25 -29

so yes, we're back to school. 8 weeks to go until the next major break... until then, let's do some work, shall we?

grade 12 ib physics
i really need your internal assessments until tomorrow, they must be graded for this grading period, so please don't forget to bring them. on the menu, some cosmology this week - the big questions in life, and the current answers from physics. friday is homework log time, please find 90 minutes on any subject; this might be a good time to watch that movie "contact"...

grade 12 ib maths
tomorrow is our big statistics test; base your studies on the worksheet i gave you before the break, and you should be ok. today we will start our new subject, probability. i'm hoping to get until using tree diagrams this week. there will be a hw quiz on friday, and it will cover 15 A,B,C and D (no E any more) (pages 423-433).

grade 11 ib physics
time for thermal physics: some important definitions, a little bit of math, and quite a bit of discussing. don't forget the log...

grade 11 ib maths
functions, here we come!  we should be able to cover topics 1 A-E, and the hw quiz will be on topics 1 A-D (pages 48-56). what is a relation, what is a function - well, let's find out (if we want to or not...)

grade 10 igcse maths
translations, reflections, rotations, enlargements & reductions, stretches - this will be on our weekly menu under the umbrella of what we call "transformations". math notation will be important. 20 A-D will be homework and in the hw quiz for monday, november 1.

Monday, October 11, 2010

your mini-week in maths & physics, oct 11-13

just a few days...

igcse maths grade 10
today we'll finish the topic of similarity, and we'll look at some review set questions tomorrow. wednesday is our test on the topic! no homework, but if i were you i would do some review set questions at home, too. don't forget today's mega retake afternoon and any afternoon to sort out hw quiz issues.

ib math sl grade 11
the end of the topic is arriving. today we'll finish up series and look at review set questions, tomorrow is our 30 minute test on this topic, one of three in the algebra part of the ib exam. i'll stay in school this afternoon for any question you might have.

ib math sl grade 12
today we will have a look at the significance of the standard deviation and the meaning of "normal distribution". tomorrow, an extensive review set session. the test will oficially be on tuesday, october 26. no homework.
ib physics sl grade 11
newton's universal law of gravitation will be our subject of study today. and that's all for the week! please hand in any corrections to the mechanics test until monday, october 25.

ib physics sl grade 12
tomorrow we'll close with the two remaining topics in astrophysics, magnitudes and stellar evolution. our astrophysics quiz will be short (30 minutes) and on wednesday.

Friday, October 8, 2010

retake mega-afternoon, monday october 11

you are a math student.
you want to retake one or more tests.
you want it to still affect your grade for the first term report.
monday is the day.

below, please write your name and the test(s) you wish to retake. if you have a science class on monday, please also add that you will only arrive at 3:40 pm.

use these in your comment.

grade 10:
t1 - chapter 15 test
t2 - continuous data minitest

grade 11:
t1 - unit circle & radians
t2 - sine & cosine rule, area of triangle

grade 12:
t1 - vectors 2d3d
t2 - lines and planes in space


aakash, t1 & t2

would mean that aakash wants to retake two tests on monday, the ones above.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

first kicktipp champion: milan or daniel?

it's werder x bayern, grade 10 x grade 11, milan x dennis. one of these two will be the first ever kicktipp champion in isb. this little competition might not gain any tradition at all in the school - or it might still be there in many years, and one of these two will have their name on a trophy, as the first champion ever.
dennis, who led the pack for a few weeks, still has silent hopes, but is 24 points short of daniel, who currenlty leads with 399 points. incredibly, milan has the same 399 points, but less weekly wins, and therefore on second place.
mr goncalves (that's me!) leads the last week, and milan is in the run for the last chocolate of the season, followed closely by torben.
after the tuesday games, we'll have our champion, and a break. the new season should start at the end of october, from zero. anyone can take part...

Monday, October 4, 2010

retake: continuous data, grade 10 (igcse maths)

you know what to do... (name in comment).
this is for thursday, 3:45 pm.

special extra sessions this week

based on what i'm seeing in all my math grades, i will have some short extra sessions on the following topics in the following time slots:

tuesday, 15:45 - 16:00: factoring and completing the square to solve quadratic equations
wednesday, 15:20 - 15:50: algebraic fractions & dealing with fractions in general
just show up if you like! you are warmly invited!

your week in maths & physics, oct 4-8

bayern bad, werder one place behind. that's how the week begins. a week filled with "stuff":

ib physics grade 12
this week we will have an internal assessment, probably we'll use time on thursday (maybe tomorrow). max will present on louis de broglie, and we should conclude astrophysics with magnitude of stars and stellar evolution. there will be a quiz on all things stars on thursday or next tuesday, the latest. don't forget your weekly logs, they do count as homework grades.

ib physics grade 11
uniform circular motion, chapter review, big mechanics test on mega-thursday; that seems to be our menu for the week. next week we should have a brief look at gravitational field strength.

ib math sl grade 12
internal assessments are due tomorrow, i'll be answering last questions today in class or via email (mgoncalves@isbremen.de). homework for the week will be chapter 14 f1, f2 & f3. i'm hoping to finish the whole chapter this week, to review on monday and have the statistics test on tuesday, right before the break.

ib math sl grade 11
we should be able to cover the series section this week. homework will be on 2d.2&3,  and all the 2es. the plan is to finish everything in this chapter by the end of the week and have the test on monday.

igcse math grade 10
time to move on! moving on to a topic that combines geometry and algebra, the similarity of geometric objects! 18 a&b should be done at home this week, for a hw quiz next monday. we will have problems presentations on the board, probably next monday.

Friday, October 1, 2010

isb kicktipp: milan wins week six, title race is tight!

only one more round to go, and the first isb kicktipp season will have been history. who will win he frist trophy? it looked like a sure thing for bayern-fan daniel from grade 11, but now milan has won his second week and is less than ten points away from the top. dennis also had a good week and is now close enough to start an attack in the last round. one of these three will be the smiling champ at the end.
for the others, it's a race for the last chocolate of the season, which will rightly go to the week winner. after the autumn break, a new season will begin and everyone is invited to participate right from the start. good luck to all!

igcse math retake: trigonometry, take 3

you want to take the trig test again? be my guest, on monday, 3 pm. just write down your name as a comment in this post. thanks.