Monday, November 8, 2010

your week in maths & physics, nov 8-12

and the countdown continues... six more weeks!

ib physics grade 12
tomorrow we'll have two presentations (promita & max) and we'll continue our topic in digital technology this week. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR RESEARCH LOGS. thursday, after your last class, we will leave together to the kartbahn.
ib physics grade 11
thermodynamics and how it is used to power a motor is what we're looking at this week. thursday after class we leave for the kart experience.

ib maths sl grade 12
we should finish up the probability chapter this week, thus the homework quiz at the end of the week will be based on the review set. we'll do quite a few exercises from the remaining parts of the chapter (sets and venn diagrams, laws of probability, independent events) in class, you should focus on review set questions out of class. the test will be monday, november 15.
ib maths sl grade 11
we'll finish up on asymptotes and such today, and even move into inverse functions. tuesday and thursday shall be intensive days of review (using the review sets), and friday is our functions test.
igcse maths grade 10
after a short review, we will have our transformation geometry test today. next on the menu? quadratic equations and functions! 21 A, B and C are homework, for the homework quiz on november 15.

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