Monday, November 22, 2010

retest policy in math - new rule!

just to be more specific and organized about dates, this is how my time after school will be spent, from now on:

mondays, 3 pm and tuesdays/thursdays, 3:40 pm
time to look at hw quizzes and help with specific or general doubts. i will be here as long as you need me, as usual.

wednesdays, 3 pm and/or 3:40 pm:
the new official RETEST day. please write down which test you would like to retake until every TUESDAY, the day before the retest. i will always have a post up something every wednesday, where you can write your name, grade and the test you want to redo. this way i will always know exactly who is doing what, and that day will not be open for clearing doubts, to give the students retaking tests more quiet and concentration.

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