Monday, November 15, 2010

your week in maths & physics, nov 15-17

a very short week indeed... and only five to go!

math sl grade 12
test today (probability), then some functions review is in the need to get into calculus! chapter 16 A-D until next tuesday, for homework and classwork.

physics grade 12
tomorrow, we leave for the kart experience after our class, at 3:40 pm. 24 euros per person + 3,50 for material. the race is at 5 pm, we should be done half an hour later. before that, though, we have a presentation by bilal (heinrich rudolph hertz). in digital technology, we'll move towards capacitance and charge-coupled devices (ccds). we should finish the chapter by wednesday, expect a test for next tuesday, november 23.
math sl grade 11
test today (functions), then we'll rush to exponential und logarithmic functions. we're a little behind in our year plan, so please see me after class if you're not quite following the whole exponential and logarithmic stuff. we're doing both chapters, and then a test with both of them together.
physics grade 11
we'll wrap up the chapter today in class; expect a test for next monday, november 22.
igcse math grade 10
today we'll have a homework quiz and look at the quadratic equation; tomorrow and wednesday we'll find out all the characteristics of the quadratic function. the chapter should be finished by next wednesday (the latest), and a test might be due on friday, november 26.

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