Monday, November 22, 2010

your week in maths & physics, nov 22-26

this week marks the beginning of the second isb kicktipp season, starting on friday. and, oh yes, only four weeks to go...

igsce maths
this week will mark our full understanding of what a quadratic function looks like, and how we can draw one based on the different ways we can write the quadratic function. i'm shooting for a test on the whole subject matter of quadratics for wednesday, december 1. homework shall be 21 D-H.
ib maths sl grade 11
rational indices, factorization and expansion with exponents, exponential equations and exponential functions - i'm hoping to look at all of this, during the week. we will have our hw quiz only on monday, including 3 C, D, E and F. your total focus is needed this week!
ib maths sl grade 12
finding asymptotes, discussing behavior - a reminder from chapter one today (monday). then we will go straight into derivatives. we should cover 17 A-C, so that should be in the hw quiz for friday.
ib physics grade 11
thermal physics test today. then it's off the simple harmonic motion in our next topic, waves.
ib physics grade 12
tuesday, after a presentation by aidin and some review, we will have our digital technology test. we will stay in the subject area, though, and move on to digital communications. after that, we only have one more topic (core topic 8) and then reviewing can begin!

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  1. Wasn't sure where to post for the notes from Monday.....and possibly tuesday last week as I was absent. -Kendrick D.