Monday, November 1, 2010

your week in maths & physics, nov 1-5

seven weeks to go... ;)

igcse maths grade 10
our main focus will be on pages 419 and 420. in class on monday and tuesday, and outside in the other days. next monday, november 8, we'll have a doubt session and our first test of the new term.

ib maths sl grade 11
composite functions and sign diagrams, two very important parts of the chapter, will be looked at monday and tuesday, the reciprocal function should be reached by friday. homework is 1 D & E. I'm shooting for a test next friday, november 12.

ib maths sl grade 12
today we have a little assessment activity, and we should finish compound events, using tree diagrams and sampling, to even reach binomial probabilites by the end of the week. a test should be due on thursday, november 18. homework will be on 15 E, F and G.

ib physics grade 11
we'll have a final look at the kinetic model of ideal gases; the PVT formula and PV diagrams (gas transformations) and all the thermodynamics will follow after a quiz on topic 3, thermal physics. that quiz should be on friday, one day after our out-of-school activity, which should be confirmed by tomorrow morning. the initial plan is that we leave school at 3 pm (so that the seniors can come, too) on thursday and have the 4:30 pm race. more details in class.

ib physics grade 12
TEST TOMORROW! we will look at some ib questions together during class, and at the end, we will have a 30 to 40 minute mini-test on astrophysics, with emphasis on cosmology. electromagnetic induction is next on the menu, and will be introduced on thursday, when we'll have promita's presentation (instead of tuesday). thursday after class (3 pm) we leave for the karting experience, but this is still to be confirmed.

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  1. For grade 12 math: we dont have school on the 18th so is the test going to be after the long weekend?