Monday, August 30, 2010

your week in maths & physics, aug 30 - sep 3

another week, quite a lot to cover...

igcse math grade 10
nine problems today, after a quick chat about the first homework quiz and a reaction to that. the nine problems might finish tomorrow. we will get into the unit circle business, and true bearings should also be started. both of these recquire your full attention and some work at home.
there will be no homework for monday (i'd advise you to work on some problems from pages 325-327), wednesday's homework is from pages 327-330. friday's homework (not in the hw quiz on friday) will be page 331. monday, sep 6, there will be a 20-minute quiz, covering everything up to page 331.

ib math sl grade 11
after the hw quiz today and some feedback on that tomorrow, we will finish the chapter and have a quiz; the quiz will go to page 213, just as the homework from last week.
there will be no hw quiz this week, since we will have a test on friday, sep 3. the test should take 45 minutes. review sets on pages 214-216 are the right place to prepare for that, and will be the basis of thursday's "clear-doubt-session". consider doing review set exercises as your homework for the week.

ib physics grade 11
feedback from the quiz, suvat equations and projectile motion are on the menu today  forces, free-body diagrams and calculating resulting forces using vectors will take up most of our time on thursday, and newton's laws of motion should at least be looked at until friday. expect a test on everything until page 36 in your books for monday, sep 6.

ib math sl grade 12
at the end of tomorrow's class, a little quiz (20 minutes). we will have our test on vector chapter on sep 7. this week's homework will be on pages 326 to 347; i know it sounds like a lot, but it's actually pretty straight forward. please try to do 20-30 minutes every day and come with questions during the week. in class, we will work on some of those exercises and some review set questions, too.

ib physics grade 12
"vocabulary quiz", schrödinger's model and heisenberg's uncertainty principal are on the menu for august 31, alongside some exercises. then we'll have promita's presentation, followed by nuclear physics  (on wednesday/thursday).

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