Tuesday, August 31, 2010

assessment in math classes

just to make it official.

homework (10-15%, depending on class)
homework is assigned every beginning of the week and is assessed every end of the week, on friday, using the infamous hw quiz. there should be around seven per term, and they last ten to fifteen minutes; key questions from the homework will be chosen and the student (you) has to basically show that they can do it. clearing doubts with teachers and/or colleagues is strongly encouraged, but the teacher will not answer any questions in the class of the actual quiz. i can be found before 7h50 am in room 403 for any doubts. at the end of the term, the lowes hw quiz grade is dropped.

minor and major assessments (quizzes and tests, 70%)
the shorter, around 20-minute quizzes have the goal of providing specific and hopefully useful feedback to a student (you), for purposes of preparation and learning. these quizzes are graded and contain quite a lot of comments from the teacher, but there grade is eventually replaced by the 45 to 60-minute tests. these are usually chapter tests, and preperation for it is ideal if the respective review sets and the quiz or quizzes are used. in the ib classes, all tests will contain at least 50% ib questions, for better preperation. retaking a test is possible, but outside of class hours. the retaking of tests is actually encouraged, since it will hopefully strengthen the students knowledge of that specific content area. these retake tests are (of course) different from the original, and they are never easier. the last evidence is considered the best, so even a lower grade than the original will count, if that were the case.

projects, investigations, modelling, seminars (15-20%, depending on the class)
these vary from shorter presentations to longer investigations, can be in groups or individual, and will vary from class to class.

all of this, of course, has the main goal to make you learn and retain as much as possible, it's the attempt to achieve true understanding. the assessment system in math is designed to do just that, and comments or suggestions are welcome. i do ask you for some patience to see if the system works for you and/or your class; i'm actually quite positive it will.

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