Wednesday, August 25, 2010

igcse maths - exception to the rule: hw presentations monday!

hello sophomores!
i am hereby announcing one exception to the general dealing with homework through hw quizzes. the homework given for friday (choosing 9 problems to solve) will not be checked through the quiz on september 3, but quite a lot earlier. i will have students coming to the board on monday to solve one problem that they've selected (and i will be the one to choose from the nine you were supposed to do). so each one of you will receive a homework grade for their presentation and explanation on the board. if you, by any chance, have not done nine problems until monday, august 30, then i will freely choose your exercise. 
only ten of you will be randomly chosen, the other ten will have a similar activity at a later time. check out the descriptors for the grades on that specific day:
1 - student refuses to solve a problem on the board
2 - student goes to the board, but doesn't seem to know the basics of what to do.
3 - student demonstrates some basic knowledge, but cannot explain how he got to the answer.
4 - student's explanation of how to get to the answer had errors, but was generally correct.
5 - student explained the problem at a satisfactory level.
6 - student explained the problem and was able to capture everyone's attention through his methods.
7 - student did a great job of explaining the problem by envolving everyone, being clear and making the presentation interesting.

you have five days till then, and if you finish the other homework early today, you might want to start with friday's homework already.

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