Monday, August 23, 2010

your week in maths & physics - aug 23-27

i hope you all had a weekend as nice as mine (even the werder-fans, after that unfortunate loss...) and count on your focus and work ethics for the new week, our first complete one.

igcse math 10:
we will finish our review today and start into the wonderful world of trigonometry tomorrow! since your homework is organized into days, this is my suggestion for the week. 
monday: read page 314 and do page 315 (exercises 1&2).
wednesday: all exercises in pages 318-321
friday: choose 9 problems to solve on pages 324-327; three from problems 1-9, three from problems 10-18, and three from problems 19-27.
i will leave it to your discretion whether you choose to do all exercises, but please not that you should do a half an hour of work in each of these three days (the first one might be less), and that you should be able to answer all of the questions. we will have a homework quiz on friday, and a first quiz will take place on tueday, august 31.

ib physics 11:
hope you have a nice retreat. please bring calculators and books to each and every class; we will start working with mechanics on thursday, with focus on constant acceleration and graphs of displacement, velocity and acceleration against time... it sounds as fun as it is! we might even get into forces and dynamics on friday. i'm gonna ask you guys to remember and/or read up on newtons law's of motion, as well as possible. on thursday we will begin our series of great physicians, let's see if someone volunteers.

ib maths sl 11:
we will have a look at the beautiful world of the unit circle, with all its marvel and wonder. i'm going to quiz you on the homework, which will be all exercises in pages 202-213. because of the retreat, the homework quiz will only be on monday, august 30. there will be an actual quiz on tuesday, august 31. our first test will be on friday, september 3.

ib physics 12:
atomic spectra, quantum nature of light, photoelectric effect, ionization, even mr heisenberg and his uncertainty principle - all will be studied and hopefully learned next week. we might even get to schrödinger. if you want to, please read up on these things, to be more prepared for class. your homework will be a little seminary, which i will distribute in class.

ib math sl 12:
some more review for today and tomorrow (i'll try to vary things from one day to the other), then the new stuff begins on thursday. from page 312 to 320, all exercises should be either done or dealt with, there will be a homework quiz on friday. so please read those pages even while we are doing our review, and come to class with your questions on thursday. i was hoping to work from page 322 on, starting friday. a quiz might be expected on tuesday, august 31.


  1. ok, so this might sound really stupid...but do you want us to write with pen or pencil? I had some previous teachers and one of them said use a pencil, its better and the other one said that if we hand in our work written in pencil then we obviously don't want it to be graded. So what do you want us to use?

  2. For HW quizzes and Quizzes, pencils are okay. For the bigger tests, I'm going to ask for pens. So, for now, you may choose, but in the tests, pens!