Monday, February 14, 2011

your week in maths & physics, feb 14-18

one more week, then we have a week off - pretty decent, ain't it?

igcse maths
we're starting with a new phase in our classes, a phase completely focused on the igcse exams. the teaching of some new material (almost exclusively for extended candidates) will go hand in hand with the mocks from last month and other past exams and specimen papers we will be looking at in detail. the completion of these papers will be a main element in the grading process, and the few tests we will have in this last term will be mocks. double classes will be seperate, friday classes will be every second week, but for twice the time. only on tuesdays shall we meet as a complete class. extended students will have a class monday right after 3 pm, starting today. mostly, your homework will be the completion of papers, as announced in class or on this blog. stay tuned!
ib maths sl 11
review on binomial expansion today, little test on it tomorrow. matrices is our new subject, which we will introduce on thursday. no hw quiz.
ib maths sl 12
let's integrate! today we'll introduce anti-derivation and you'll do some exercises while i talk to a few students individually about their internals. hw quiz on chapter 21 b and c.
ib physics 11
chapter 6 will be divided up into parts, as will be announced in class. details will be discussed there and then announced here, for you to remember it.
ib physics 12
a closer look at renewable energy will be our final focus on topic 8; after that, and extensive review period with lots of practicals will dictate our weekly routine. details to be announced.

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