Monday, January 31, 2011

your week in maths & physics, jan 31 - feb 3

no classes on friday, and only 3 weeks to go!

ib math sl grade 12
see you on thursday for an ib mock post-session. we'll finish differentiation pretty fast next week to get to integration as soon as possible.
ib physics grade 12
on wednesday we'll analyze the mock exam results together, and move towards finishing our last topic on thursday. besides labs, next tuesday should be our last with classes until 3:40 pm (for all but one of you...).

ib math sl grade 11
completing of the presentations and quick review of quadratics on monday and tuesday, and our test on the subject on thursday. it will have ONE of the problems presented in class (not two, as previously announced).
ib physics grade 11
lab on thursday, some more theoretical work today. 

igcse math grade 10
mock outcomes and review on wednesday.

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