Monday, February 28, 2011

your week in maths & physics, feb 28 - mar 4

new countdown: seven weeks to go to the next break!

ib maths sl grade 11
all about matrices. homework will conver 11b5, 11b6, and 11 c. i'm shooting for a matrix test by thursday, march 10.
ib maths sl grade 12
homework is the mastery of 21d and 21e1&2. review set over the weekend, test on tuesday, march 8.

ib physics grade 11
thursday we have our presentations from chapter 6; we'll teach them to 8th grade kids, so make sure that you know your audience and react to it. we'll start chapter 7 today, and probably do some work on chapter 6 still, on friday. logs are suspended.

igcse maths 10
we should be wrapping up work on the paper 3 & 4 you guys have in hands. you will receive papers 5 & 2 respectively, today. please always have your material with you; i'll have to note those who don't bring them, and it will have a consequence in the term grade.

ib physics grade 12
before our grand review and lab work, we'll put a lid on chapter 8. don't forget presentations tomorrow, tuesday.

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