Monday, October 4, 2010

your week in maths & physics, oct 4-8

bayern bad, werder one place behind. that's how the week begins. a week filled with "stuff":

ib physics grade 12
this week we will have an internal assessment, probably we'll use time on thursday (maybe tomorrow). max will present on louis de broglie, and we should conclude astrophysics with magnitude of stars and stellar evolution. there will be a quiz on all things stars on thursday or next tuesday, the latest. don't forget your weekly logs, they do count as homework grades.

ib physics grade 11
uniform circular motion, chapter review, big mechanics test on mega-thursday; that seems to be our menu for the week. next week we should have a brief look at gravitational field strength.

ib math sl grade 12
internal assessments are due tomorrow, i'll be answering last questions today in class or via email ( homework for the week will be chapter 14 f1, f2 & f3. i'm hoping to finish the whole chapter this week, to review on monday and have the statistics test on tuesday, right before the break.

ib math sl grade 11
we should be able to cover the series section this week. homework will be on 2d.2&3,  and all the 2es. the plan is to finish everything in this chapter by the end of the week and have the test on monday.

igcse math grade 10
time to move on! moving on to a topic that combines geometry and algebra, the similarity of geometric objects! 18 a&b should be done at home this week, for a hw quiz next monday. we will have problems presentations on the board, probably next monday.

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