Monday, October 25, 2010

your week in maths & physics, oct 25 -29

so yes, we're back to school. 8 weeks to go until the next major break... until then, let's do some work, shall we?

grade 12 ib physics
i really need your internal assessments until tomorrow, they must be graded for this grading period, so please don't forget to bring them. on the menu, some cosmology this week - the big questions in life, and the current answers from physics. friday is homework log time, please find 90 minutes on any subject; this might be a good time to watch that movie "contact"...

grade 12 ib maths
tomorrow is our big statistics test; base your studies on the worksheet i gave you before the break, and you should be ok. today we will start our new subject, probability. i'm hoping to get until using tree diagrams this week. there will be a hw quiz on friday, and it will cover 15 A,B,C and D (no E any more) (pages 423-433).

grade 11 ib physics
time for thermal physics: some important definitions, a little bit of math, and quite a bit of discussing. don't forget the log...

grade 11 ib maths
functions, here we come!  we should be able to cover topics 1 A-E, and the hw quiz will be on topics 1 A-D (pages 48-56). what is a relation, what is a function - well, let's find out (if we want to or not...)

grade 10 igcse maths
translations, reflections, rotations, enlargements & reductions, stretches - this will be on our weekly menu under the umbrella of what we call "transformations". math notation will be important. 20 A-D will be homework and in the hw quiz for monday, november 1.


  1. when can I retake tuesday's big test?! -Denise

  2. Today (October 28)!!! after school and before the concert. I need your IA, too.