Friday, October 8, 2010

retake mega-afternoon, monday october 11

you are a math student.
you want to retake one or more tests.
you want it to still affect your grade for the first term report.
monday is the day.

below, please write your name and the test(s) you wish to retake. if you have a science class on monday, please also add that you will only arrive at 3:40 pm.

use these in your comment.

grade 10:
t1 - chapter 15 test
t2 - continuous data minitest

grade 11:
t1 - unit circle & radians
t2 - sine & cosine rule, area of triangle

grade 12:
t1 - vectors 2d3d
t2 - lines and planes in space


aakash, t1 & t2

would mean that aakash wants to retake two tests on monday, the ones above.