Monday, January 9, 2012

your weeks in maths & physics, january 9-13

back to school... oh boy!

ib physics grade 12
we'll close the topic of electromagnetic induction for now, this week. we will move forward on pages 135-148 in hamper's book, the extention of the waves subject.
ib physics grade 11
we will learn the following concepts this week: free oscillations, forced oscillations, resonance, damping, phase. before that, though, we will work on examples in simple harmonic motion and understand the energy changes involved.
ib maths grade 12
we'll get back into the groove of differentiation and have our test on thursday; after that, it's integration!
ib maths grade 11
sign diagrams, the reciprocal function, asympototes & inverse functions are on our menu this week. expect a test by friday.
igcse maths 10
book chapter 25, sections E,F,G & H, that's pages 515-524. probability becoming theoretical.

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