Sunday, January 8, 2012

show what you know - january 11 session!

not too much time to go, please leavea comment with the test you want to retake... and your name!
if you want to take it any morning, please add that information!


  1. Finn, sequences and series grade 11

  2. Nino, Series & Sequences
    Gracia, Series & Sequences
    Daniel, Exponentials & Logs (Calc) (Thursday)
    Kendrick, Exponentials & Logs (Non Calc)
    Justus, Exponetials & Logs (Non Calc)
    Yasmin, Exponetials & Logs (Non Calc) (Wed morning)
    Virginia, Exponentials & Logs (Non Calc)
    Jasper, Series & Sequences
    Lauren, Exponentials & Logs (Non Calc)
    Lewi, Series & Sequences
    Christian, Exponentials & Logs (Non Calc)
    Max, Exponentials & Logs (Non Calc)

  3. Paloma, Algebra Review
    Coni, Transformations Review
    Christina, Co-ordinate Geometry Review
    Joshua, Transformations Review
    Caner, Algebra Review
    Maxine, Geometry Review
    Trischa, Algebra Review
    Migo, Algebra Review
    Kai, Sets & Venn Diagrams