Monday, December 6, 2010

your week in maths & physics, dec 6 - 10

only two more weeks to go - let's power through them!

igcse maths
today and tomorrow we'll finish to look at presentations and clear doubts. WEDNESDAY is the day of our quadratics test, after another short review. no hw quiz for this week. sequences shall be our next topic.
ib physics sl grade 11
today we'll finish the topic of waves, look at a few exercises. thursday, practical. friday, more exercises; shooting for a test next thursday, december 16. don't forget them logs.
ib physics sl grade 12
don't forget your homework/log for tomorrow! max will present a physicist, and we'll move on to optic fibre transmission and channels of communication. you might want to use some of your research time on these subjects.
ib math sl grade 11
all things logarithms. the goal is to finish this subject this week (hw quiz on friday will include 4 a-f), a review session on monday and a 2-part test next tuesday & thursday (one with calculator, one without).

ib math sl grade 12
hw quiz today, after answering individual questions. we will go right into chapter 18 tomorrow, and i'm shooting for a differential calculus test on thursday, december 16. the hw quiz will be on friday and will include 18 A-D.

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