Monday, December 13, 2010

your week in maths & physics, dec 13-17

last week, last bit of effort... let's go!

ib math sl grade 11
this week is test week. in the first part of the class, we'll have a look at what logarithmic functions look like, and we'll have some serious review set action later on. tuesday we'll have part one of our test, the calculator part. thursday, part two follows (non-calculator). friday we'll have a semester review.

ib math sl grade 12
motion on a straight line and curve properties  are on the menu today and tomorrow. thursday, after a little bit a review, our first calculus test awaits; friday, we'll move on in chapter 18, discovering the significance of f''(x)=0 and the sign diagrams for the second derivative.

ib physics grade 11
preparation for a test on tuesday - simple harmonic motion and waves! exercises, exercises and more exercises.

igcse maths grade 10
the next topic, sequences, will be introduced today, and the quadratics test shall be taken again. more sequences on tuesday, wednesday and friday (maybe with a little test on the last day of school).

ib physics grade 12
communication test after clearing doubt session, excluding the part that you were tested on last week. we'll work on topic 8 (energy, environment & co) for the rest of the week.

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