Monday, April 4, 2011

your week in maths & physics, apr 4-8

two weeks to go until the next break, and a couple of more weeks until ib and igcse exams...

ib maths grade 12
an important look at the very last chapters, distribution with discrete and continiuous data. we should finish them by the end of the week. please don't miss any classes.

ib physics grade 12
pure review, this week with past exam papers. our current focus will be on paper 2. tomorrow, class ends at 3 pm for all but promita.
igcse maths grade 10
current papers and deadlines: core has received a paper one and will have to hand it in today. they will receive a new core paper 3 today, to be handed in on wednesday, april 6.
extended will receive a paper one today, to be finished within the class and handed in by tomorrow, april 5.

ib maths grade 11
lines and planes in spaces - an intense chapter, very important for the ib exams. hope to finish it before the break. 13a is this week's homework.
ib physics grade 11
we'll complete the nuclear physics bit this week. there will be a practical on thursday, too. the next test will be on monday, april 11, most likely.

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