Tuesday, March 8, 2011

your week in maths & physics, mar 7-11

a little late, but here it is:

ib maths sl grade 12
test postponed to thursday. a big review session today (tuesday); friday we're moving on to applications of integration. no hw quiz.

ib maths sl grade 11
focus on matrices exercises and 3 by 3 today, review set thursday, test next monday. no hw quiz.

igcse maths grade 10
core: paper 3 november 2010 - work on it!
extended: conclusion of papers 4 and 2, a new paper will be given on wednesday. friday class!

ib physics grade 12
practical today until around 3 pm, tomorrow (wednesday) presentation of topic 8 class in preperation for thursday's presentation for 3rd grade.

ib physics grade 11
exercises will be given on topic 6, to be solved in class and given to the teacher (thursday); then topic 7 will be continued.

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